Palmieri enjoyed a very exciting opportunity, we participated in a library event that was not just any event, but a new and comprehensive online virtual event!

This was a great chance for Palmieri to make their video production debut on the “big screen” or on a computer monitor or cell phone near you! We decided to take on a new virtual challenge—a challenge we accepted with great pride!

We produced a YouTube video to showcase the company and demonstrate what Palmieri can do for you! From taking your orders, how our engineering works, to behind-the-scenes footage of how your product is made. Finally, to show how we can help you through every step of the process and guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

We know what you are thinking, wow that video was flawless… well let's just say there were quite a few takes before we achieved perfection!!

We hope that you will enjoy our video as much as we had fun producing it!   This was an opportunity that Palmieri is proud to share with everyone!

Thank you for choosing Palmieri and we look forward to working with you in creating your perfect furniture experience!!