For over 50 years, we have diligently worked hard to provide our customers the highest quality of products and customer service. We do not just manufacture and sell furniture; we take the time to understand your needs and collaborate with you to achieve your ideal design. With our dedicated in-house engineering and project design team, we can help turn your ideas and vision into reality!

Check out some of the projects we have done!

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Project 2

Project 3


The primary tools we use are AutoCAD and Revit. These advanced software allows us to create visual floorplans and assist architects and designers in the process. We are willing to work closely with you to attain your dream space, from libraries to classrooms to corporate offices.

CET Designer

Recently, we have partnered with Configura and generated our own CET Designer extension! Through this file extension, now you can design your space with our 3D models and quote the project at the same time! It's your one-stop shop for designing the space you want!

We use the most innovative design tools in the market, from AutoCAD, Revit to CET Designer! We promise to help you every step of the way and provide you with excellent customer service and support for the next 50 years!