Since Palmieri began, craftsmanship has been the focus of all our products. Over time, as the needs of our customers changed and manufacturing technology advanced, our furniture design improved to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Let's take a look at some of our everlasting PALMIERI products.

Durecon Shelving

Our Durecon Wood has been an enduring piece of expert precision offered in the highest quality materials available. Durecon Metal provides a shelving system that combines the classic wooden style with a touch of metal. Through the years, the Durecon collection continued to expand to include contemporary models such as Curved and A-Frame units.

Reception Desks

Another masterpiece is our service desk collection! Very popular in the public sector of the market, Linx and Gemini have provided the traditional, long-lasting, and dependable information and reception desks that are built to serve the masses. 

Today, most public places have multiple help desk stations that are relocated from time to timeā€”so our Navigate desk was born. These compact, customizable, and movable service desks allow you to greet customers, direct patrons, check out items and provide information while sitting or standing.   

Study Carrels

Our Carrels have evolved throughout the years; from our standard wooden carrels: Aspen, Bannister, Element, Princeton to modern and chic Wave, Fusion, and Fluid desks. 

We continue to develop our product designs to meet your growing needs. We look forward to collaborating with you to create the ideal furniture that complements your style!