JUNE 2020 - ISSUE 2


Nashville was definitely one of the most lively cities we have been too! With music at every intersection and amazing people, we would want to visit again. Thank you to everyone for coming out to PLA 2020 in Nashville to meet and chat with us! We had a blast talking about how we could help shape your library interior. 

If you missed us at PLA 2020: 

Check out our PLA 2020 Photo Gallery


Palmieri is now legally allowed to reopen the business following the proper Health and Safety guidelines set forth by the Ontario Government for returning back to work legislation. In these extraordinary times, Palmieri is taking the necessary measures to enhance safety and protecting the health of our employees, business partners and customers. 

We are dedicated to the safety of our employees as well. We have Plexiglass set up around the desks in our office and provided PPE to all staff members. 

We want to recognize all of those individuals who are working around the clock to keep everyone healthy while putting their own lives on the line. We thank you and appreciate your devotion and sacrifice!

Disclaimer: The pictures above were pre-COVID, as we can imagine they haven’t had the time to take pictures during the pandemic. 5 West Reactivation Unit that includes Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Rehab Assistant, Physiotherapist and Medical Secretary.

Palmieri Furniture has worked with and provided furniture for hospitals, clinics and healthcare resource centres within Canada and the US. Since Palmieri is located within the York Region municipality, we’d like to show support and offer encouragement to the NYGH healthcare staff and administration for their care and devotion to the patients and the surrounding community!